The Newest Team Member Becomes the Newest Mitel Engineer

Wayne came to Servitel with a wealth of network and PBX knowledge. The challenge for him was to translate this to the Mitel world MiVoice Core

The newest of the team showed no hesitation in getting involved. Working with the experience Mitel technicians, Wayne shadowed and absorbed as much as possible from them.

Last week came the official classroom to turn all that knowledge into the Mitel way.

Unlucky for some, the final exam was held on the Friday the 13th. Once the office was cleared of any ladders or black cats, Wayne locked himself away to take on the challenge.

A few hours later, a smiling Wayne pronounces he has past the exam and is now a fully certified Mitel MiVoice Business engineer MiVoice Certification Wayne

Congratulations to Wayne and welcome to the Mitel world.