ServiVault goes live

Servitel has officially launched their latest service in their ServiSecure portfolio. The Cloud Back up service, ServiVault. Your business' data is one of the most important assets you have. How are you protecting it from cyber attacks or natural disasters? ServiVault

With the increase of data storage and cyber attacks, the risk of losing important data also increases. Lost data leads to costly downtime, regulatory fines, lost revenue and customer privacy breaches. To combat this, as part of your ServiSecure  framework, you need a secure back up option to protect your valuable data.

Servitel's ServiVault delivers  the data protection that meets today's demands. Powered by the best-in-industry Acronis platform, this As-A-Service solution provides Full Availability, Complete Protection and Fast Back Up.

Full Availability

  • ServiVault ensures your data is always available to keep you business operations running at all times.
  • By proactively defending against ransomware and other cyber attacks, your data is secure.
  • Recovery  of virtual machines is completed in seconds, avoiding operational outages, loss of productivity and costly downtime

Complete Protection

  • Reliably protects any data source on 21 platforms
  • Protection for virtual, physical, cloud or even mobiles - regardless the size or location
  • Flexible and scalable storage to evolve with your business

Fast Back Up

  • Avoid unnecessary disruptions  while moving to another system
  • increase overall performance of your production systems
  • instantly protect your system with the simplest process possible

Experience the peace of mind, knowing that your data, your production systems and your business is proactively protected. Keep your business running with this flexible, secure, fast and industry-leading platform, ServiVault.