Canberra Cavalry, Game 1 of the ABL Championship Season

Servitel has been a proud sponsor of the Canberra Cavalry and none prouder than Friday night when the Cavs took on the Brisbane Bandits in Game 1 of the ABLCS Panorama Cav

Streaming to over 22 countries, the Canberra Cavalry took on the Brisbane Bandits at the Fort, Narrabundah.

Over 10,000 fans turned out, majority in orange, ready to cheer on the local team. The weather added some suspense with early showers but that couldn't dampen the spirit of the crowd.
Inspired by the rainbow, the Cavalry took the early lead which was never threaten, taking out the Game 1 of the series, 5-1. Just one win away from taking home the Claxton Shield but having to face the Bandits in Brisbane.

BM with guest

In the crowd, Servitel's Business Manager was doing his part to cheer on the team, supported by 1st time game attendee Murray who said, this is better than the local Japanese accountant club championships. There was much cheering and and rejoicing had by all.

The ServiAir wireless service stood tall with the additional requirements of larger crowds, more media and high quality streaming producing a clear service all night long. Proving the service is as flexible as it is durable and reliable.