What Is Better Than One New Engineer? Two New Certified Engineers!

Question: What do you get when a Network Engineer and a Telecommunications Engineer sit for a week long Mitel course? Answer: Two certified Mitel MiVoice Business Engineers with great network skills. MiVoice Business Core

Last week Servitel challenged Fida, our Senior Network Engineer, to attend, learn and achieve the Mitel MiVoice Business certification. To this point, Fida had only dabbled in the voice arean, supporting the networking and virtual platforms required to present the service to customers.No surprise to the team, Fida excelled in the course and aced his certification on the first attempt, adding voice engineer to his impressive skills.

One of the newest team members who has been impressing since his arrival, Greg has over 20 years in the telecommunications industry but still new to the Mitel world. He has been learning on the fly, soaking up information for the other engineers and challenging himself to be the best voice engineer possible. So when it came to formalising his skills, again, it was no surprise that Greg smashed the course out of the park.

Congratulations to both Fida and Greg on becoming Servitel's newest Mitel MiVoice Business certified engineers!