Aerial continues to innovate thanks to Servitel’s MiVoice platform

Aerial Capital Group is where Servitel began so it made sense that Aerial were the first to migrate to the Mitel Mivoice platform. The start of 2018 marks the anniversary of Aerial becoming the first hosted client. Canberra Elite

In an industry changing quickly, Aerial focused on changing and improving how their customers can contact them. The MiVoice Contact Centre  provided them the tools to deliver an Omni-Channel Customer Experience.

Today's customers wants a choice in how they can interact with services, tending to spend more time on social media and expecting immediate responses. With this expectation, Aerial and Servitel have been working throughout 2017 to deliver more options for customers and higher automation for the Call Centre.

Advanced ASR/IVR, SMS bookings, Webchat, email bookings, online bookings and even booking an Elite Taxi by emoji delivered a 65.61% automation in the call centre. This provides a higher level of access to the service which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

The call centre is continuing to find better ways of delivery services. By working with Servitel to design, create and implement new processes, accessibility and increase the skill levels of Agents, the future is looking bright for 2018 and beyond.