A Great reason to move to the Cloud

A burst water heating is not the biggest disaster. Unless it floods your Tech Hub. Flooded Tech Hub

Upstairs a hot water unit explodes, drenching the floor above. The flooding continues downstairs straight on to the Canberra Tech Hub of Servitel.

Flooding the area, pouring water on desktop PCs and making the room unworkable. Disaster has struck. Or has it?


Within minutes the Canberra based techs are back up and running, using laptops and tablets to connect to Office 365 and Azure to be Business As Usual. New handsets are deployed and the team hot desks into them to remain contactable by phone.

Having a disaster recovery plan is not only recommended but it is even better when it works.

Servitel took their own advice and transformed  their infrastructure to be cloud based. Migrating to Office 365, the Mitel MiVoice platform being software driven and hosted off site and other software, files and infrastructure located securely in Azure, Servitel had a BCP in place.

So when disaster struck, Servitel were able to move on with their day as if nothing happen. Even if they techs were crammed into the Recording studio.

Investing in cloud is not only the right thing to do, it is a must to have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. Whether your have critical service, support other clients are just want the piece of mind that it will always work, make sure your business is ready for any disaster be it big or small.

Migrate to the cloud. Check your BCP and DR plans. Make sure they are current and accessible.