What is the Cloud / Hosted services?

Cloud or Hosted services are services available via the internet. Servitel has put in place, at their data centre, all the hardware required to deliver this service specifically for your business.

What is the cost?

Hosted services are based on a Pay-as-you-go subscription which allows you to pay for only the services you use on a monthly basis. This makes budgeting each month or year a simpler process.

Do I keep my phone numbers?

All numbers simply move to the data centre along with your services. No need to change anything.

Do I need to buy any extra equipment?

As long as you have an internet connection, your hosted services include what you need to function. No more buying new handsets, servers or maintenance, this is all included in your subscription.

What is Cyber risk?

Hackers continuously try to breach companies’ networks to steal data or plant malicious viruses. Cyber Security is a serious concern; one we take to heart and provide a full Unified Threat Management option for our services.