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A communication and collaboration platform that is designed to meet the flexible demands of your business. Whether your business has 5 or thousands of users, MiVoice will help ensure your customer’s satisfaction by keeping everyone connected quickly and easily no matter where they are.

Mobility is a core built in application that will allow one or multiple devices to be user answer points. It doesn’t matter what phone number customers choose to call, they will always be able to get in contact.

Whatever best suits your work environment or employee needs is possible through the flexible deployment options – handsets; web clients; softphone; mobile devices or a combination of all is possible. The unique Teleworker solution for remote and mobile employees will reduce the need for additional hardware and carrier network costs whilst still delivering the full suite of applications. All of your voice traffic has embedded encryption for enhanced cyber security.

Unified Messaging has the added bonus of allowing voice messages to be available on any or all devices and Dynamic Status will help keep your whole team up to date and in touch with each other. Your employees will never miss a call again and can maximise every minute of their day. Collaborate and Conference anytime, anywhere with your team and clients.

All of these benefits are available whilst still offering operational flexibility and ease of management using a simple web-based tool. Stay on top of monthly costs with this ever-green technology delivered in the cloud.

MiVoice will provide the tools your team needs to be productive and ensure your business operates at the best capacity. Speak to Servitel today about how MiVoice can make your business communicate more effectively.

Key features

Delivers a communication platform in multiply ways to keep you connected.

  • Mobility
  • Softphones
  • Presence
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Potential business impact

  • Reduced Capital costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Mobile workforce

Ideal for companies with

  • SMB or Enterprise sized
  • Multiple locations
  • Mobile team members
  • Aging on-site PBX
  • Presence requirements

Broadband Services

Being connected is a vital part of any business and providing a strong and reliable backbone to any Cloud solution is paramount. Servitel’s partnerships with the leading providers of TPG (Australia) and Spark (New Zealand) allows our customers to be part of the largest networks available. Access to NBN (Aus), UFB (NZ), Ethernet and DSL solutions gives us the flexibility to have the right connection to suit our customers’ needs.

Data Mobility is a must have in today’s busy schedule and the reliability of coverage is non-negotiable. Vodafone Global’s M2M services provides this coverage for both Australia and New Zealand.

  • Australia Broadband Services
  • New Zealand Broadband Services
  • Global Mobile Services
  • Toll Free Numbers

Key features

Gain access to the internet or cloud through the largest coverage networks

  • National broadband coverage
  • Flexible data requirements
  • Enterprise grade support
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Potential business impact

  • High Speed data access
  • Unlimited data options
  • Redundancy Network options

Ideal for companies with

  • Multiple site business
  • Small remote satellite sites
  • High data usage
  • Cloud services
  • VoIP services


The rate of Cyber Security incidents occurring is rising at an alarming rate, so network and data security has never been more important. Many security solutions are blind to advanced threats; internal processes are not being reviewed or businesses are not aware of the risks. Do you know if your organisation is ready to rapidly respond to a critical cyber threat?

Servitel can offer a Cyber Threat Assessment on your network, looking for any areas that could be exploited. Protection of your data, your most valuable asset, is critical and we can consult, analyse and provide solutions to help close the back doors.

  • FortiNet Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
  • FortiMail Web Filter
  • CTAP services

Key features

Fortinet provides a global leading Unified Threat Management product, protecting your data and reducing the potential risk of a breach.

  • Data protection and Back Up
  • Network Firewalls
  • Web Application Protection
  • Email Spam and Virus Protection
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Potential business impact

  • Protection of Data
  • Identify and action breach attempts
  • Team efficiency increase

Ideal for companies with

  • Personal and/or Sensitive Data
  • Disaster Recovery prepared
  • Access to internet, cloud applications and email
  • Small to enterprise networks
  • Data Breach Scheme requirements

Other Services

Social media and mobility are part of our everyday lives and having your business tapped into these will help you stay in the game. Whether you would like to leverage an existing platform or build one from scratch, our talented team can customise a mobile web application solution to suit your business needs.

Reducing cost and maintaining high availability can be a challenge for all businesses. Our Data Centre colocation offers reliability, security and on-site support in each of our centres.

  • Cloud Backup and Data Protection
  • Web Applications
  • Co-location Data Centre

Key features

Our team can provide multiple services based on the requirements of your business

  • Cloud Backup & Data Protection
  • Customised Web Applications
  • Co-Location Data Centre services
  • Professional Voice Recordings
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Potential business impact

  • Applications support on all devices
  • Reduce hardware cost
  • Support when you need it

Ideal for companies with

  • Cloud based software
  • Sensitive data collection
  • Mobile application requirements
  • Mobile workforce
  • Restricted hardware budgets
  • Recorded messages