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Cloud Services

Business today demands flexibility, efficiency and simplicity. Moving to the Cloud takes the complexity out of your business communication requirements, allowing the team to work smarter and more economically, wherever and whenever they need to.

As one of our customers you will be treated individually. We make sure the right resources are dedicated to your requirements, to ensure and maintain flexibility and redundancy.

With Servitel’s Cloud Services you will gain access to an evergreen, always up to date solution and technology within our core services of Voice, Contact Centres and Wireless networks.

  • MiVoice Business
  • MiContact Centre Business
  • ServiAir Wireless Network
  • Conference Bridges

Key features

Mobility, quality, simplicity and reliability at your fingertips.

  • Flexible deployment
  • Lower cost vs on premises system
  • Evergreen solutions
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Potential business impact

  • Reduced capital costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Mobile workforce

Ideal for companies with

  • SMB or Enterprise sized
  • Multiple locations
  • Mobile team members
  • Growing workforce
  • Seasonal trends

New Zealand Broadband

Servitel offers arrange of services such as UFB; dedicated Ethernet; and other fibre connections. Our wholesale partnerships with Spark and Kordia provides the largest network coverage in New Zealand.

We offer great savings on SIP trunks and call rates across New Zealand whilst still providing dedicated corporate support for all of our services.

Speak to Servitel about your requirements and we’ll help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

TypeMonthlyData LimitSpeed*Min. Term (Months)Activation FeeMinimum Contract Charge*
UFB 100/100$123.05Unlimited100/10024-$2953.20
UFB 200/200$139.10Unlimited200/20024-$3338.40
GPON 30/10$103.79Unlimited30/1024$140.00$2630.96
GPON 100/100$118.77Unlimited100/10024$140.00$2990.48
GPON 200/20$136.96Unlimited200/2024$140.00$3427.04
GPON 200/100$144.45Unlimited200/10024$140.00$3606.80
GPON 200/200$153.01Unlimited200/20024$140.00$3812.24
GPON 1000/500$221.49Unlimited1000/50024$140.00$5455.76
Naked Fibre Max$184.85Unlimited900/40036-$6654.60
Ethernet 5Mb (Metro)$369.88Unlimited5Mbps24-$8877.12
Ethernet 5Mb (National)$392.80Unlimited5Mbps24-$9427.20
Ethernet 10Mb (Metro)$386.87Unlimited10Mbps24-$9284.88
Ethernet 10Mb (National)$434.63Unlimited10Mbps24-$10431.12
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* Speed are maximum connection speeds as provided by Spark, Kordia and/or UFB. Throughput maybe slower and could vary due to many factors including, but not limited to, hardware, software, number of simultaneous users and infrastructure

*Minimum contract charge is the monthly cost x minimum month term + Activation fee
Fair use policy is in place on Unlimited plans. Modems are not included. They are available on request
Service check is required to confirm availability of broadband services before contract commencement


The rate of Cyber Security incidents occurring is rising at an alarming rate, so network and data security has never been more important. Many security solutions are blind to advanced threats; internal processes are not being reviewed or businesses are not aware of the risks. Do you know if your organisation is ready to rapidly respond to a critical cyber threat?

Servitel can offer a Cyber Threat Assessment on your network, looking for any areas that could be exploited. Protection of your data, your most valuable asset, is critical and we can consult, analyse and provide solutions to help close the back doors.

  • FortiNet Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
  • FortiMail Web Filter
  • CTAP services

Key features

Fortinet provides a global leading Unified Threat Management product, protecting your data and reducing the potential risk of a breach.

  • Data protection and Back Up
  • Network Firewalls
  • Web Application Protection
  • Email Spam and Virus Protection
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Potential business impact

  • Protection of Data
  • Identify and action breach attempts
  • Team efficiency increase

Ideal for companies with

  • Personal and/or Sensitive Data
  • Disaster Recovery prepared
  • Access to internet, cloud applications and email
  • Small to enterprise networks
  • Data Breach Scheme requirements

Other Services

Social media and mobility are part of our everyday lives and having your business tapped into these will help you stay in the game. Whether you would like to leverage an existing platform or build one from scratch, our talented team can customise a mobile web application solution to suit your business needs.

Reducing cost and maintaining high availability can be a challenge for all businesses. Our Data Centre colocation offers reliability, security and on-site support in each of our centres.

  • Cloud Backup and Data Protection
  • Web Applications
  • Co-location Data Centre

Key features

Our team can provide multiple services based on the requirements of your business

  • Cloud Backup & Data Protection
  • Customised Web Applications
  • Co-Location Data Centre services
  • Professional Voice Recordings
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Male executive using smartphone and laptop

Potential business impact

  • Applications support on all devices
  • Reduce hardware cost
  • Support when you need it

Ideal for companies with

  • Cloud based software
  • Sensitive data collection
  • Mobile application requirements
  • Mobile workforce
  • Restricted hardware budgets
  • Recorded messages