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Fibre400 & Fibre1000 here now

TPG's Fibre network now available.

To be cloud ready, you need to be internet ready. You need a fast and and reliable service

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Business Continuity Plan

Disasters come in all sizes. Are you ready?

A Hot Water Unit explodes and destroys your normal day to day activities. Are you prepare?

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The Essential 8 Explained

Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents

There is no single way to stop a cyber threat but there are 8 key ways to prepare.

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Solutions that we offer.

  • Cloud Services
  • Broadband Services
  • Security Services
  • Other Services
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Tapping into the power of the Cloud brings flexibility, mobility and productivity to businesses across the globe. Remove barriers between you and your customers and get-in-touch whenever and wherever you are.

Broadband Services

Broadband Service

Servitel has partnered with Australian and New Zealand leading data providers to deliver reliable, fast and high data access.

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Security Services

Security Services

Cyber Security and Meta-Data is a global concern. No matter what size your business is, protection of your assets, your network, your information and most importantly, your customer’s information must be taken seriously.

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Other Services

Other Services

Servitel provides a range of other services including development of customized web applications and access to Co-Location Data Centres.

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ServiVault provides the tools and options to protect any device in any location by backing up to cloud storage and recovering from any platform. Protection to an offsite, or cloud, location provides another level of peace of mind, knowing that that no matter where you are or where the data is needed, you will have access to it


The rate of Cyber Security incidents occurring is rising at an alarming rate, so network and data security has never been more important. Many security solutions are blind to advanced threats; internal processes are not being reviewed or businesses are not aware of the risks. Do you know if your organisation is ready to rapidly respond to a critical cyber threat?


ServiAir, ensures secure wireless access layers for your business that is great for high density locations, and delivers ‘air time’ fairness for all users. Your business will be able to deploy network access to users that will enable devices to connect over a secure wireless connection, providing captive portals and guest access.


A communication and collaboration platform that is designed to meet the flexible demands of your business. Whether your business has 5 or thousands of users, MiVoice will help ensure your customer’s satisfaction by keeping everyone connected quickly and easily no matter where they are.