Mystery Box Rally 2016 – Highlights

Servitel's Australia & New Zealand Business Manager completes the Mystery Box 2016 rally
This year Greg from Servitel and his brother, participated in the Mystery Box Rally to help raise awareness and funds for the Cancer Council Australia. The Mystery Box Rally is just that, a mystery.

Each team 'bids' on their cars the night before the rally and receive their maps and destination each morning. With no idea where they are going or if their car will survive, the teams set off over 5 days and over 2500Kms through the South Australian country side.

Along with Aerial Capital Group and the Ainslie Football Club, Servitel was a proud sponsor of Greg's team, the Lug Nuts. With over 130 teams plus support crew, this fantastic event has raised over $760,000 for the Cancer Council Australia.

"It was an amazing event. We really do have such a beautiful country when you leave the city. We met some amazing people in places like Kingoonya and William Creek. And our team, The Dirty Dozen, such great folks from all over Australia. Could not have had better team mates to do this event with. I have to thank my brother, Sam for inviting me to participate. It is something I will remember for a long time...and look forward to doing it again" - Greg Johnson, Servitel Australia & New Zealand Business Manager


You can see more of Greg's travels on their Facebook page - The Lug Nuts

Fortinet Launches Industry’s First Universal Wireless Access Points

John Maddison, senior vice president of products and solutions, Fortinet
“IT teams face severe challenges scaling and securing their wireless networks to meet rising access demands and the increasing dangers posed by IoT. The Fortinet Security Fabric solves these challenges by integrating security with the wireless infrastructure to unlock advanced internal segmentation strategies that are critical to defend against IoT threats. Now offering automated operations and plug-in-play compatibility with any Fortinet access management backend, the introduction of Fortinet’s patented FortiAP-U series of universal access points lowers the barrier for customers to implement the increased security protections of the Fortinet Security Fabric.”

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Fortinet’s advanced threat protection: Breaking the kill chain

Cyber criminals are getting smarter. No longer satisfied with simply stealing credit card details or defacing web sites, today’s malware mavens want to destroy reputations, disrupt commerce and bring the internet to its knees.

The vehicles for this on-line mayhem are called Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). They infiltrate without detection, stay hidden and then execute on demand. And because APTs can morph ‘on the fly’, traditional signature-based network security is struggling to keep up.

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Fortinet – Fast and Secure Australia

More than 120 Partners, Distributors and Fortinet Staff came together recently in Sydney and Melbourne at Fortinet’s first ever ‘Fast and Secure’ event in Australia.
With a full-day of speakers, attendees heard about the latest Fortinet offerings that embed security capabilities in every aspect of Managed Services Provision. The message is clear:we have moved on from Managed Security Service Provision (MSSP) because, simply put, security is an integral component of every ‘As a Service’ offering from managed email and firewalls to full-blown cloud-based enterprise computing.
This theme was driven home in Sydney by speakers from Secure Logic and the Electoral Commission NSW who talked about their ‘secured by Fortinet’ iVote on-line voting service.
Michael Demery from information security specialists Seccomglobal spoke about how they  build security into every service they provide. But he cautioned that setting up a viable ‘as a service’ business model takes time and resources to start up and turn a profit.  However, he extolled the virtues of Fortinet and said that "every year Fortinet’s solutions ‘get better and better’".

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Fortinet – ‘Eye-popping’ Fortinet financials win industry praise

Fortinet has ‘over performed’ in its second quarter 2015 financial results, posting record billings growth and better than expected revenue, profitability and cash flow.

The security vendor logged billings of US$297.2 million for the quarter ending 30 June, up 40% over the same quarter last year. Revenue was up 30% year on year to US$239.8 million, with cash flow from operations of US$84.3 million.

Within the US$239.8 million total revenue was US$114.8 million in product revenue, up 34% year on year, while service revenue accounted for $125.0 million, a 27% increase.

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Happy Anniversary to Dexar Corporate Services.
12 months ago you took the opportunity to come on board Servitel's MiCloud solution.
Since then , the partnership between Dexar and Servitel has allowed Dexar's growth to continue, delivery exceptional services to their customer base.
Here's to another 12 months of innovation and growth.

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Congratulations to David for completing his #Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE1) certification ...

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